Iranian Students Federation of Eastern Canada ( ISEFC) (کاروان)is a network of Iranian-Canadian students with interest in Islamic faith, tradition and civilization from campuses in Eastern Canada. We aim to provide ourselves as well as the broader community services integral to student lifestyle, maintaining traditions and professional growth. Building on the Quranic concept of Shafaqat, we strongly care about each other; we are environmentally friendly and we recognize the importance of spirituality in our lives.

Through medium such as movie-nights, book-reading circles, couch-surfing, religious and national events, scientific exchange and networking we foster dialogue and friendship in order to speak vocally about our differences, identify our similarities and move towards a pluralistic, yet vibrant and unified community.

We strongly oppose authoritarian and statist aggressions both in Iran and Canada, yet we wholeheartedly stand by Iran’s sovereign rights and independence. Our attachment to Iran is neither of naive cultural nationalism of the ancient Persia nor through outright rejection or support of the contemporary power structure in Iran.

We identify the current Iranian society as well as Iranian-western/Canadian relations as “complex,” thus we tend to be critical, realistic, objective and open-minded when defining our relation to contemporary Iran.

Further, we believe in cross-cultural dialogue, open intellectual debates and solidarity with social justice movements as part of our community development and practice.

Welcome to ISEFC 🙂


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